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Riding Safely: Who’s at fault for a Motorcycle Accident in California?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Understanding California’s “Percentage of Fault” Laws for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders share the roads with other vehicles, and just like car drivers, they have rights and responsibilities. However, some laws in California treat motorcycles differently. While motorcyclists can do things like lane splitting, it can sometimes lead to serious accidents.


California Civil Code and Comparative Fault Rules for Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcycle rider is in an accident, they can seek compensation from the responsible party through a lawyer. But often, both the rider and the other party share some blame. For example, maybe the rider made an illegal turn, but the other driver was drunk. In these cases, the court assigns a percentage of fault to each person involved.


California law uses something called “comparative fault.” This means that even if you’re partly to blame for an accident, you can still get compensation. The court looks at all the evidence and decides how much each person is at fault.


How California’s Comparative Fault Works

Unlike some other states, California follows a rule called “pure comparative negligence.” This means that even if you’re mostly to blame for an accident, you can still get some compensation. For example, if you’re found 20% at fault, you’ll get 80% of the compensation.


Applying Fault in Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents

In Los Angeles, fault matters a lot in accident cases. Whether you’re a motorcyclist or a car driver, you have to prove who was more at fault. However, riding a motorcycle in LA comes with its own risks, like not wearing a helmet or lane splitting.


The Role of Helmet Use in Fault

In California, everyone riding a motorcycle has to wear a helmet, regardless of age. If you don’t wear one and get into an accident, it can affect how much compensation you get. The other party might argue that your injuries would’ve been less severe if you had worn a helmet.


Navigating California’s Motorcycle Laws

California’s laws about motorcycles and faults can be complex. That’s why it’s crucial to have a skilled lawyer on your side. They can help prove that you weren’t mostly at fault and that the other party’s actions caused the accident.


Get Help from a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident, it’s essential to contact a reliable lawyer. They can help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact VBV Law Group for a free consultation today at (747) 313-7160.