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Determining Liability

Who’s at Fault: Determining Liability for Auto Accidents in California

Determining Liability for Auto Accidents in California

Determining liability In California, figuring out who's at fault in a car accident depends on the details of the incident. If any party involved caused the accident, they're considered "at fault."   Understanding Auto Accidents: Determining Liability in California!   The Impact of Car Accidents in California: Car accidents are a frequent occurrence in California, causing thousands of injuries and fatalities every year. The aftermath can lead to extensive medical bills, lost wages, and lasting disabilities. Families who lose loved ones not only suffer emotionally but also face financial strain.   Determining Liability: Navigating the Rules in California: Different rules determine fault in car accidents, and various parties...

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Who’s at Fault: Right Turn Accident in California

Right Turn Accident Who's at Fault? Ask VBV Law Group

Right turn accidents are common in California. When navigating through traffic, making right turns is a routine part of driving. However, many accidents occur during right turns because drivers may overlook pedestrians or miscalculate the speed of oncoming vehicles. These incidents often happen due to split-second decisions or momentary lapses in attention.   Who Has the Right-of-Way in Right Turn Accidents? In California, understanding who had the right-of-way is crucial in determining fault. Generally, vehicles already on the road have the right-of-way over those making right turns, unless they are required to stop by signs or signals. Failing to yield to oncoming traffic...

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